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Morning thoughts | 05.03.2024

by Ko-Mari

Hello, world! Seems like this is my first ever post that I'm writing here - in fact, I actually never had a blog before, but it's okay. There is no shame in starting something new!

Morning always is a good time for me. The house is quiet and so are the streets. When you have autism, it's easier to appreciate the silence, it seems!

Every morning, I get to do the same routine - I wake up, I rest, I get up, I make myself a cup of tea (sometimes black, sometimes herbal or oolong - I'm not picky!) and sit on my bed, drinking it, as I wait to get my chance to wake up fully and actually go and cook something for breakfast. There's nothing special about it, but for me, it may be the most important part of the day!

Most of my friends are night owls, so mornings can feel a bit lonely. 7 AM doesn't seem like a perfect time for chat for most people - understandably so - but at the same time, there's often someone waking up for school, job, or from the sickness, and I'm glad I can keep them company at such a time!

If there is anything that I could really change to make it even better, that would be getting some actually good clothes to sleep at. The black hoodie I keep wearing, despite the comfort, really doesn't match my style!

This is the end of my small blogpost. (blog post? blog-post?) Thank you for reading, if you did! Perhaps the next one can be a little bit more interesting than just my morning thoughts.