Name: Ko-Mari / Kostiantyn-Mariia
Pronouns: xe / he / she (use all, please!)
Gender: Femme transneutral gay
Flags: Queer Non-binary Asexual Aromantic Gay / Turian / Men-loving-men
Loves: animation, coding, volunteering, xir friends, brown color, pink color, dogs and wolves
Miscellaneous: disabled, chronically ill, AuDHD, part-time AAC user;
Ko-Mari (short for Kostiantyn-Mariia) is a queer, disabled, Ukrainian web-developer and animator working on this site!


Name: Mal
Pronouns: none
Flags: Asexual Aromantic Aroace Agender Queer
Hello! I'm Mal, I'm aroace and agender, I have adhd. I really love cats, I listen to Queen and I'm an artist.

Credits to the creator of a picrew!